On 24 January 2022, Bia Saigon and Communist Youth Union kicked off TET One Home community program at Youth Cultural House of Ho Chi Minh City, where 1,530 coach tickets, 270 plane tickets and 200 train tickets to the representative workers and volunteer youth union members, who volunteered in Covid-19 prevention efforts in 2021.  These are the selected recipients of this community initiative implemented nationwide.  Apart from these tickets, each beneficiary also received a TET gift set for them to bring home for a joyful TET holiday and celebration together with families.

The event was attended by representatives of SABECO, Communist Youth Union and relevant sectors and departments, Miss Vietnam Tran Tieu Vy and Phuong Anh, along with other media partners. Due to strict compliance of COVID precautionary measures, only delegates of workers and youth union members, representing more than 600 recipients in the Southern region, took part in the ceremony.

The ceremony set the first coaches and trains to depart from HCMC, Binh Duong and Dong Nai to various provinces in the south, central and north, and vice versa. This symbolized the start of the "Tet One Home" journey, bringing groups of workers and youth union members back home to celebrate a warm TET with families after a year of upheaval due Covid-19.

Prior to this ceremony, the program has also distributed 800 sets of TET gift to workers and Covid prevention volunteers in Quang Ninh, Ha Noi, Thu Duc and Cu Chi, HCMC.  These are the recipients who had to remain in their work areas throughout TET period.

Mr. Bennett Neo-General Director of the Saigon Beer-Alcohol-Beverage Corporation shared: “As 2022 Lunar New Year is approaching, everyone in Vietnam is looking forward to TET to be reunited with families, and friends after a turbulent year. With the spirit of "Tet - Stronger Together", Tet One Home" program aims to provide opportunities to these beneficiaries to return home, and celebrate the spirit of unity, togetherness and solidarity with family as well as friends. We hope the spirit of national unity will be embraced by every home across the regions as one Vietnam during this most auspicious moment of the Vietnamese New Year”.

In the course of implementation, the program has noted the active participation of workers who have achieved good results and of the pandemic prevention volunteer force in 2021.

At the ceremony, Ms. Nguyen Pham Duy Trang – Secretary of  Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union said: In the coming time, the Secretariat of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union wishes that the young workers, students, and volunteers will always maintain the spirit of optimism, constantly strive to overcome all difficulties and difficulties due to the epidemic, continue to contribute their youth and enthusiasm,  further promote the creative, industrious and hard-working qualities to further successfully complete the assigned tasks, contributing strongly to the development of the unit and of Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, the delegation at all levels at the unit and locality needs to continue to accompany, support, create the best environment for you to have the opportunity to contribute and grow”/

In the past three years, Bia Saigon has implemented many initiatives and programs for communities and laborers who had achieved outstanding results at work and provided Tet gift and homecoming tickets for workers. In 2021, Bia Saigon has cooperated with the Central Vietnam Youth Federation and the Communist Youth Union to implement "Community Care", which provided medical equipments and supplies to hospitals and frontline forces in the fight against Covid-19, and 5000 necessities to struggling household.  In addition to this, another joint program "Collecting a million stars" was launched to rally everyone in Vietnam to spread the spirit of 'Stronger Together', while supporting 600 struggling F&B household businesses in HCMC. This "Tet One Home" program is a continuation of these series of activities of Stronger Together.



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