The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism organised the 2023 Vietnam Creative Advertising Awards on December 17 in Ho Chi Minh City to honour creative advertising in the media. The Saigon Beer-Alcohol-Beverage Corporation (SABECO) added to its numerous prestigious awards already won this year.

Bia Saigon was honoured with the Best Key Visual and the Best 'Out of Home' Campaign Award for its 2023 Tet campaign, '63 is 1', developed by Ogilvy & Mather Vietnam.

The '63 is 1' collection consisted of 63 beer cans featuring signature images of scenery, culture, and customs from provinces and cities across the country, accompanied by a short quote. The special edition 64-can Saigon Beer box promoted the diverse cultural beauty of Vietnamese Tet, from every corner of Vietnam.

The campaign aimed to honour and promote Vietnamese cultural identity and values, one of the commitments of SABECO and Bia Saigon's '4C' sustainable development strategy, centred on 'Country', 'Culture', 'Conservation', and 'Consumption'.

SABECO is honoured to be among the Top 20 Best Annual Reports in the non-financial industry group

Two days earlier, SABECO was honoured as being among the Top 20 Best Annual Reports, in the non-financial industry group, at the 16th annual Vietnam Listed Company Awards, in Nha Trang. The ceremony was co-hosted by the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange, the Hanoi Stock Exchange, VIR, and Dragon Capital, with the participation of four top auditing and consulting firms to ensure accuracy and professionalism in the selection process.

After nearly six months of voting and analyzing nearly 600 businesses listed on both exchanges, the awards committee selected more than 50 businesses across three categories, annual report, corporate governance, and sustainable development report.

In the annual report category, 116 businesses with the best annual reports were voted into the final round. The voting council selected 30 businesses with the best annual reports to be honoured, including 10 businesses in the finance industry group and 20 in the non-financial industry group.

SABECO was also honoured to be in the Top 100 Sustainable Businesses in Vietnam for the first time. The ceremony was held in Hanoi by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development on December 13. The award is a comprehensive and objective testament to SABECO's relentless efforts in its journey of sustainable development in Vietnam.

SABECO receives VIOD certificate for corporate governance best practices

On December 1, SABECO was honoured among 12 companies with a Board of Directors that is committed to the best corporate governance practices at the 2022 Board of the Year Award Ceremony at the sixth Annual Forum organised by VIOD. This title recognises the efforts of SABECO’s Board of Directors in committing to best corporate governance practices, improving governance quality, and targeting sustainable development.


SABECO has been implementing numerous environmental, social, and governance initiatives as part of its green growth goals

SABECO has been implementing numerous environmental, social, and governance initiatives as part of its green growth goals, and the beer giant invested heavily in renewable energy projects in 2020 as part of its net-zero emissions by 2050 goal. After phase two of its solar-energy project, the entire rooftop solar power system installed in 17 out of 26 SABECO factories is expected to meet about 23 per cent of the electricity consumption of all SABECO factories, equivalent to saving 25 million kWh of electricity, and about 18,000 tones of carbon per year.

Besides this, SABECO has also started to use biomass fuel from plants, such as rice husks, sawdust, cashew shells, and leaves, instead of boilers burned by fossil fuels. The brewer has also reduced the amount of water used to produce beer from 5 litres in 2018, to under three litres in 2022, thanks to initiatives in wastewater collection and treatment, and improved packaging with thinner cans, lighter cartons, and reusing bottles to minimize the impact on the environment.

In addition, every year, SABECO gives out the 'Best beer production and management factory' award to promote factories that have adopted a sustainable development mindset in their production and business activities in line with the corporation's commitment to the national green growth goals.

(By VIR)

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