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Having been available on the market since 1992, Saigon Lager is the preferred beer for millions of Vietnamese beer lovers. Produced through the world's most advanced modern technology system and supervised by skillful brewers, Saigon Lager delivers fresh, charming and pure Vietnamese taste.
  • Product category: Lager Beer.
  • Ingredients: Water, malt Barley, cereal, hops.
  • Packaging: packed in 450ml and 355ml brown glass bottles (20 bottles per a plastic case) or packed in cans, 24 cans per carton box
  • Usage instruction: Taste better if cold, most delicious at 10 – 15oC.
  • Preservation instructions:

  • Preserve a cool and dry place.
  • Avoid direct heat or sunlight.

Market: Saigon Export Beer is produced and distributed on nationwide scoop, in the center of North Central, the Central, South Central, and Highlands.