% Alcohol
ml Bottle
ml Can

“The Purely Vietnamese Recipe”

Inside the historic brewery of Bia Saigon on Nguyen Chi Thanh street is a treasury of knowledges, researches, and developments on brewing excellence by generations of master brewers in Vietnam throughout its long-standing history of 145 years.

To commemorate the 145th anniversary, the Vietnamese master brewers at SABECO decided to make a quintessential recipe that represents the brewery’s heritage. The result is a passionate, easy-drinking yet full-flavored beer taste that is so familiar but at the same time so modern.


Product Category: Lager Beer

Ingredients: Nước, Malt đại mạch, Ngũ cốc, Hoa bia.


  • Packed in aluminum cans 330 ml , 24 cans per carton box.
  • Packed in brown glass bottle 330ml, 20 bottles per crate.

Usage instruction: Taste better if cold, most delicious at 10-12°C.

Preservation instructions:

  • Preserve at a cool and dry place.
  • Avoid direct heat or sunlight.

Market: Bia Lac Viet is distributed widely nationwide.