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“333 - Triple the Excellence"
Rich Taste - legendary reputation

333 is the first canned beer brand produced in Vietnamese since 1985.

333 beer is the result of combining the essences of three nations: Hallertau hops from Bavaria (Germany), always preserved below 10 degrees Celsius to retain their richness, combined with a formula and yeast inherited from France, and brewed by the talent and spirit of SABECO's brewmasters.

The harmonious blend of these three essences brings forth the rich aroma and distinctive flavor of 333 Beer.

The experience of 333 Beer is an experience of the rich flavor legendary that has been continuously inherited and preserved for over 150 years.


Product category: Lager Beer.

Ingredients: Water, malt Barley, cereal, hops.

Packing:packed in cans, 24 cans per carton box

Usage instruction: Taste better if cold, most delicious at 10 – 15oC.

Storage instructions:

  • Preserve at a cool and dry place . 
  • Avoid direct heat or sunlight. 

 Market: canned beer 333 is produced and distributed widely throughout the country.