On 9/8, The People's Committee of Vung Tau City, in collaboration with SABECO and Gia Hoa Advertising Company Limited, held a press conference on the "Vung Tau Beer Festival" (Vung Tau Beerfest) with the theme "All Around the World with Bia Saigon". The festival is honored to be accompanied and supported by Bia Saigon, SABECO's leading brand, as the festival's exclusive beer sponsor.

"2023 Vung Tau BeerFest" is a multifaceted event consisting of two main components: an immersive exploration of culinary delights and beer culture from several key countries, and an enthralling lineup of musical performances. Festival-goers can look forward to an international food & beer drinking experience across 6 different countries. The Asian street food style has 3 representatives: Japan, South Korea and Thailand; the BBQ Garden Party is typical of the United States; the giant beer festival from the Germans; and especially the Bui Vien – Ta Hien streets from Vietnam, which will be reconstructed in the beach lifestyle.

As the exclusive beer sponsor, Bia Saigon will introduce tourists and visitors with new beer flavors that recently won prizes in the highly acclaimed “Challenge Bia Saigon Brew-Master” competition, a part of "Push the Boundary Together" campaign, held from May to July 2023. The competition successfully challenged Bia Saigon’s talented brew-masters to craft innovative new beers based on ideas submitted by consumers across the country.  The competition received an overwhelmingly high level of talkability and interest with more than 14,000 ideas submitted.  Following this impressive pool of ideas, 5 limited edition brew ideas have been selected to make their debut during the festival, for consumers to have extraordinary opportunity to enjoy and experience these unique creations.

Staying true to the theme “All Around the World with Bia Saigon’, the program will take visitors on a captivating journey around the world through mesmerizing music, dance and other forms of entertainment, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all visitors. The program includes an energetic EDM & music night featuring renowned DJs such as SODA, WUKONG, HIEUTHUHAI, MIE, Kay Tran and many others from 20:00pm on 02 September 2023 until 06:00am on 03 September 2023.

The festival is total free of charge for local people and tourists to visit and experience. At the main stage during the night of 02 September 2023, the Organizers will charge 1,500,000 VND/ticket/person for a ticket which grants access to the VVIP zone and includes beer, food, gifts and interaction with performers; the VIP zone costs 500,000 VND/ticket/person and already includes 02 beer cans, 01 snack and gifts.

 At the Press Conference, Mr. Hoang Vu Thanh, Chairman of Vung Tau City shared “ Vung Tau City is enjoying a fast and sustainable development trajectory, with a high annual growth rate; our urban infrastructure is highly modernized and synergistic. Vung Tau is also the first city to be honored with 02 consecutive “ASEAN Clean Tourism City” awards. Building on our past accolades, Vung Tau city sincerely looks forward to developing tourism products that reflect our exotic local culture, which is the harmonious blend of East and West which has long given Vung Tau inhabitants a peculiar flair. The 2023 Vung Tau BeerFest is the opportunity to introduce to domestic and international friends not only the scenery, environment, and climate of Vung Tau City, but also our history, culture and hospitable people.”

Mr. Bennett Neo, General Director of SABECO, expressed his enthusiasm during the press conference, highlighting the cultural significance of beer in many countries, such as Germany's world-renowned Oktoberfest. He emphasized that beer tasting is not only about the beverage itself but also a way to immerse oneself in the drinking and culinary culture which is unique to each locality and country. Bia Saigon takes pride in its integral role in Vietnamese culinary culture over the past decades and is committed to further innovation and quality to elevate Vietnamese brands on the international stage. Mr. Neo hopes that Vung Tau BeerFest will offer tourists a delightful insight into Vietnamese beer culture, paving the way for future events and bolstering tourism in Vung Tau as well as Vietnam. This initiative reflects SABECO's long-term commitment to promoting national tourism and establishing Vietnam as a leading destination in the region.

Beyond the delightful culinary and musical experiences, visitors will also have the opportunity to purchase beautiful souvenirs that will serve as cherished mementos of their time at the event. With a delightful blend of diverse cuisines and lively entertainment, the "Vung Tau BeerFest" promises an unforgettable weekend getaway for all visitors to Vung Tau. Save the date, secure your tickets, and join us for this extraordinary celebration of beer, culture, and music!



With 147 years of brewing history, Saigon Beer – Alcohol – Beverage Corporation (“SABECO”) has established itself as one of Vietnam’s leading companies.

SABECO includes 26 breweries and 11 trading subsidiaries and has a distribution network consisting of hundred thousand retailers nationwide. SABECO is proud to offer a brand portfolio that consists of some of the most well-loved beer brands in Vietnam, including Bia Lac Viet, Bia Saigon Chill, Bia 333, Bia Saigon Special, Bia Saigon Export, Bia Saigon Lager and Bia Saigon Gold.

Our flagship brands Bia Saigon and Bia 333 have been consistently recognized for its outstanding quality by prestigious local and international organizations, such as “National Brand” of Vietnam for several years. Most recently, it has received 8 gold and silver medals from the Beverage Testing Institute (BTI) in the United States, Asia Beer Championship 2022, the gold medal at the International Brewing Awards 2019 (IBAs), the Gold, Silver and Bronze Prize at the International Beer Cup 2019 (IBC) and Gold, Silver Medal at Australia International Brewing Award 2020 (AIBA), Gold and Silver Medal at Monde Selection Award 2021.

With a commitment to investing in business development along with sustainable development, SABECO is always striving to create positive changes to enhance the position of the Vietnamese brand, while promoting positive development for the community and Vietnam. Accordingly, our sustainable development strategy focuses on four pillars: Consumption, Conservation, Country, and Culture. 

For more information on SABECO, please visit:  www.sabeco.com.vn 


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